When is your next event ?

The South Florida Black Business Directory Calendar of Events is listed on your Events Page where you can find here. Visitors to the Calendar of Events will find the latest events, time and location and cost. The events are posted by SFLBBD.com Account holders, who are able to present their information to the many thousands of site visitors who use the calendar on a weekly basis.

Who do I contact to have a Monday night networking meet & greet hosted at my business location ?

To Host any of the Special Event Venues or the Monday night networking meet & greet visit Contact form and submit a request. Or contact the head of scheduling cmathis@sflbbd.com

How can I be a sponsor ?

If your company is interested in sponsoring us, please provide us with the following information Your name: Company/organization: Email address: Phone number: and Email us at Sponsorship@sflbbd.com and we will contact you as soon as possible with our Sponsorship Media Kit, which details sponsorship levels, prices, benefits and banner specifications.

How do I update, remove or change my business listing ?

If you just need to send a quick correction, or if you want to change the logo/photo, or have some other minor change to make, you can Send an Update to Info@sflbbd.com with subject Business Update and we will make the change.

How do I subscribe to get directory updates ?

Receive a digital e-edition of the Black Business Directory below or By Subscribing with us here. We will also send you a physical subscription to the address you provide. If you would like to opt in for the physical subscription please contact us here.

How much to register my business ?

Registering with us is completely Free but we also have several listing packages available for our listings. Please see our different packages that would serve your business needs here.

How do I register my business?

You can Submit a New Business Listing using the online form here.
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