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For Immediate Release

Local entrepreneurs collaborate on this comprehensive resource to promote black businesses

Miami, FL, February 15, 2017: The South Florida Black Business Directory will host its Release Party on February 19, 2017 at MindWareHouse located at 111 NE 1st Street, 8th Floor, Miami, FL 33132 at 7pm to celebrate the inaugural edition of their business directory. More than 150 people are expected to come celebrate the launch of the new FREE directory, including regionally elected officials, business leaders and entertainers. The event is open to the public and proceeds from tickets sales will go to investing in the maintenance of the community created directory.

“We are excited to announce the Urban League of Broward County, John Gay, TaxDrz CEO and attorneys Bernadette Norris and Austin Pammies of Austin Pammies Norris Weeks, LLC saw the vision and are strategic partners and proud sponsors of the movement and are excited to use the directory as an opportunity to improve the quality of enterprise in the Black community,” says Crystal Mathis, Co-Founder of the South Florida Black Business Directory

After the shooting deaths of Walter Scott and Philando Castille, the business directory was created by a group of more than two dozen South Florida leaders, business owners and community members with the common goal of the celebration of black enterprise in South Florida.  The group believes that the creation of a directory will make it easier for consumers to patronize Black businesses in South Florida.

“It is unacceptable that the black dollar circulates only 6 hours in the Black Community and our priority is to mirror that of Black Wall Street in the 1920’s where the Black dollar circulated for an entire year before it left out.” Jimmy Nickerson, Co-Founder of the SFLBBD

The group’s goals for the directory are to help increase jobs, allow people to restore their own communities, schools, parks, and decrease the level of unnecessary violence within the Black communities.

The South Florida Black Business Directory is a simple tool to help facilitate these social and economic changes. It’s free to sign up, and the group is grateful for any opportunity provided to continue getting the word out to get the message out to the community. The event flyer is attached. For more info call (954) 588-3250 or email

Location: Miami, FL